MTM Hydro news: DSW, Dog Shower Wash for washing dogs

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We officially present the latest arrival at MTM Hydro: DSW (Dog Shower Wash) a new self-service machine developed for professional and autonomous washing of all dogs.

The one about animal care It is a young and rapidly growing market, which shows a constant increase every year.

A trend mainly due to the habits of Italians : in fact, there are approximately 65 million pets currently living in families in our country, with dogs and cats at the top of the list.

Consumers are willing to spend on care and well-being of your pets, but with an eye on how to best allocate your budget, often limited due to increases and the cost of living.

What if food and medicine are a compulsory and indispensable expense, savings are sought in other directions, such as the toilet business. More and more Italians, to reduce monthly costs, are opting for the >do it yourself washing, but not without inconvenience or small problems.

First of all, thehome environment is not suitable for carrying out adequate cleaning: lack of space and specific equipment make it difficult or even impossible to wash the dog correctly. Then, cleaning products used at home may not be suitable for the dog's sensitive skin and cause irritation or allergies. Furthermore, washing your dog at home could lead to hygiene problems, including dirty water and wet hair which can spread bacteria and germs in the home environment and/or clog drains.

Finally, even the difficulty is not to ignore: containing the animal during the various washing phases is in fact more difficult than you might think, as is the final drying phase.

The result? rough and inaccurate cleaning which is not good for the animal.


The new Mtm Hydro column for self-service washing of all dogs

The new Mtm Hydro machine for < strong>self-service washing of all dogsis the ideal solution for pet owners, while for the dog cleaner it is an excellent opportunity to offer an unusual and useful service which would differentiate him from other competitor and would also attract customers for the other services offered, with a consequent increase in takings. Furthermore, the waiting time is minimal: a wash usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes, including sanitizing the tub.

The new self-service solution developed by Mtm Hydro consists of a professional stainless steel tub designed and produced for the complete toileting cycle, comfortable and safe, designed for autonomous professional washing of >dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. A robust and easy-to-use machine that works with tokens, coins, credit cards and electronic money devices and, thanks to a dedicated display, it is possible to monitor the remaining time of all phases. span>

The wash tank is equipped with < strong>wide openingfor the entry of the animal and anti-slip surface with double bottom in order to avoid sediments of dirty water. A complex system of filters inserted inside the 3 suction bins present inside the machine, obviously removable and washable, guarantees the separation of hair, soil and various sediments from the dirty water, thus avoiding clogging of drains

The sanitization program is automaticand provides a shower jet of water at the start of each new wash, so as to guarantee maximum preventive disinfection and sanitisation. The washing and rinsing program is temperature-controlled for maximum comfort and total safety of the animal: the water is dispensed at a maximum temperature of 38°C so as to avoid burns but also possible jets of freezing water.

WSD is developed withpumps dosing machines that allow washing products to be dispensed completely automatically, both shampoo and conditioner, with an intelligent system that avoids waste and optimizes product mixing. Pre-drying includes a new liquid suction system which eliminates up to 80% of the water and removes everything that washing cannot eliminate (fur, undercoat and residual dirt) quickly and effective, here too there is a double bin for accurate filtering of waste water.

The machine is designed to blow air at a warm temperaturethrough a dedicated sleeve, so you are sure to quickly dry the coat and skin for all types of fur and eliminate the electrostatic effect. It is possible to select two different speeds and, consequently, two drying intensities in order to make the animal's fur soft and voluminous.



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