Get ready for spring with BKW and MBW

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MTM HYDRO multifunction columns dedicated to washing two wheels: bicycles, motorcycles and special vehicles

Today we want to talk to you about two columns developed by MTM HYDRO for the thorough washing of bicycles and motorcycles.

The first is the BKW , a universal column for the low pressure washing of bicycles of all types: the ideal alternative to high pressure washing, which is harmful to seals and bearings, which ensures complete cleaning even down to the smallest details, without the risk of ruining the bike.

The BKW was developed by MTM Hydro with:

  • gun with nozzle for dispensing low pressure water
  • gun with brush for dispensing water+detergent, always at low pressure
  • drying system with air blowing
  • universal "bike holder" arm so as to adapt to every type of bicycle and model
  • 12 m water hose reels with stop and automatic rewind
  • Adjustable cycle time and detergent dosing pump < /span>
  • Two-point vandal-proof closure
  • UV-resistant ABS shell < /span>
  • Integrated electrical panel and coin acceptor for easy access
  • rear door easily removable for maintenance

The second is the MBW , the Professional Universal column for the thorough cleaning of all types of Motorcycles, which is part of the Car Wash line.

MBW is the ideal alternative to washing at high pressure, harmful to seals and bearings and is designed and developed with:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure
  • gun with nozzle for dispensing water at medium pressure
  • gun with natural bristle brush for l supply of water + detergent at low pressure
  • Drying system with air blowing
  • 12 m water hose roll up with stop and rewind
  • hook for hanging helmet/jacket/backpack< /span>

Two columns designed for the warmer season and intended for two-wheel lovers to impeccably wash bikes, motorbikes and special vehicles such as Quads, SVs (side by side) or UTVs (utility vehicles), which have the common characteristic of having most of their mechanical components exposed. .


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