MTM news from the Car Wash line: new machines and accessories

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The MTM news of the line Car Wash: MCV, MC accessory and hose holder for vacuum columns

MTM HYDRO is a leading global company in the development and production of machines and accessories for Car Washes and Car Washes.

Our Catalog strong>, constantly updated following industry trends, but also the requests of our customers, has recently been expanded with some new products.

The first, extremely innovative and original, is the Dog Shower Wash (DSW), a self-service machine developed for the professional and autonomous washing of all dogs. Consisting of a professional stainless steel tub, with wide opening and non-slip surface with double bottom, it is extremely easy to use: it works with tokens, coins, credit cards and electronic money devices and, thanks to a dedicated display, allows you to monitor the remaining time of all phases:

  • Automatic sanitization program
  • Temperature-controlled wash and rinse program
  • Dosing pumps for automatic dispensing of washing products
  • Pre-drying with new suction system of liquids
  • Air drying at a warm temperature through a dedicated nozzle in 2 different speeds

The Dog Shower Wash is developed to ensure the separation of hair, soil and various sediments from dirty water, thus avoiding clogging of drains.

Beside this machine, we designed < strong>3 new tools for all car wash owners: the MCV (Vertical Mat Cleaner), the carpet dryer kit for the MC and the hose support arm for vacuum columns.

MCV (Vertical Mat Cleaner )

It's called MCV and is the acronym of Vertical Mat Cleaner, the new column that MTM Hydro has designed for cleaning car carpets. Unlike the classic MC model, this column is developed vertically, allowing it to better adapt to the spaces on the forecourt. It has rotating brushes, ease of use and can also be programmable. Furthermore, MCV also offers an opportunity to improve the appearance of the mats: it can in fact be combined with specific detergents which allow for even more thorough cleaning and greater

Carpet dryer kit

We have developed anew accessory for the MC Mat Cleaners professional carpet cleaner which allows cleaning of fabric or rubber carpets up to 80 cm in width: the carpet dryer kit. This kit completes the washing cycle of a mat of the car with the addition of the hot air drying program, so that it can be repositioned dry inside the passenger compartment quickly.

Tube holding arm for aspirator columns

Finally, we present the new hose holding arm with automatic rewinding, which can be installed on all the columns of the MTM HYDRO Self Aspirators range. Thanks to this new technology, the suction hose remains constantly suspended even during use, avoiding coming into contact with the dirt present on the forecourt and, consequently, bringing it into the passenger compartment.


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