SFT: the high pressure foam pre-wash module for car washes and service stations

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The SFT module dedicated to self-prewash with high pressure foam for vehicles is an important component of a self-service car wash

It's called SFT and is the module dedicated to self pre-washing with high pressure foam designed to integrate and complete slopes where there is no professional foam service.

This Module is designed to deliver high pressure foam that helps remove stubborn dirt from the surface of vehicles during the washing process, reducing the time and effort needed to wash the vehicle.

SFT ensures a installation immediate and total flexibility: it can be integrated into a wide range of self-service car washes and can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers.

Additionally, the use of high pressure reduces water and detergent consumption compared to traditional washing methods and guarantees high washing performance: the dense and copious foam can uniformly cover the surface of the vehicle , ensuring more thorough and complete cleaning and offering each customer an intuitive and simple self-service washing experience.

SFT is designed with:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure
  • high pressure foam pump
  • dosing pump
  • vandal-proof two-point closure
  • UV-resistant ABS shell
  • integrated and easy-to-use electrical panel and coin acceptor access
  • programmable cycle time

The MTM Hydro Module is also equipped of a wide range of accessories on request which make its use even more effective, including:

  • LED lighting kit
  • Eurokey Next kit
  • Antifreeze kit
  • Vertical arm
  • Single spear holder
  • High pressure hose
  • SG31 revolving water gun with extension EX28 RND SL

The SFT module dedicated to self-prewash with High pressure foam for vehicles is an important component of a self-service car wash, as it offers numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, wash quality and user experience.


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