MBW: the MTM HYDRO multifunction column for washing motorcycles

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MBW is the Universal Professional Column designed for thorough cleaning of all types of motorcycles: the ideal alternative to high-pressure washing, harmful to seals and bearings.

MTM Hydro designs and manufactures Self Service machines for professional Car Wash, including Aspirators, Centralized Vacuum Systems, Carpet Washers, Distributors and Dispensers and Interior Washers are part of the Car Wash line Equipment.

MBW stands out among these , a column developed for the thorough and deep cleaning of all types of motorcycles.

The importance of cleanliness of motorcycles

Regular cleaning of motorcycles it is a fundamental aspect to ensure the correct functioning and duration of these vehicles over time. It not only improves aesthetics, but also helps prevent damage and mechanical problems.

A thorough cleaning can remove the dirt accumulated on the surface of the motorcycle, preventing it from infiltrating the internal components and causing damage.

Motorcycles are exhibited at different weather and environmental conditions during daily use. Dust, mud, insects and other debris can adhere to the motorcycle bodywork and components. If not removed regularly, these residues can clog air intakes, radiators and exhausts, affecting engine cooling and reducing overall performance.

Also, proper cleaning can identify any signs of wear or hidden damage, allowing timely interventions to prevent it from worsening.

Preventive maintenance is essential to extend the life of a motorcycle. Regularly cleaning the chain, lubricating it and checking the condition of the brakes and tires are actions that can prevent costly breakdowns and improve road safety.

Finally, a clean motorcycle it is also a safer vehicle: the presence of dirt and residues on the surface of the motorcycle can reduce the visibility of the headlights and light signals, putting the driver and other road users at risk. In addition, thorough cleaning can eliminate oil and grease buildup on handlebars and pedals, preventing slips and accidents while riding.

Spend some time cleaning of motorcycles is an investment that pays off in terms of performance, durability and safety.

Keep your bike clean not only does it improve aesthetics, but it also helps prevent costly mechanical damage and ensures safer driving for all.

To meet your needs of all Bikers, MTM HYDRO brings to the market the Professional Universal Column for thorough cleaning of all types of Motorcycles, the ideal alternative to high pressure washing, which is harmful to seals and bearings.

It has a stainless steel structure AISI 304, gun with nozzle for medium pressure water delivery and gun with natural bristle brush for low pressure water + detergent delivery. Drying system with air blowing. Helmet/jacket/backpack hook and 12 m water hose reel with lock and rewind.



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