What is Detailing and how it works

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Detailing is the set of all interventions to take care of every little detail to find the integrity and beauty of a car

When a machine begins to have its years or is used a lot and for a long time, the wear of some of its parts is the most likely consequence, which risks ruining its value and integrity.

In these cases, Detailing is the optimal solution: it is a sort of "recovery" that goes to rediscover the beauty of the car and its original image. Detailing is a real art that requires care and attention to small details and has a series of phases and processes


The washing of the car is the first step and is carried out through the use of brushes and professional tools that allow thorough but delicate cleaning, together with the use of products that respect the paint and the bodywork, to finish with the use of specific cloths to carefully dry each part and thus be able to have a clearer and more precise idea of ​​the real conditions of the machine and understand what interventions to perform specifically.


Claying is the "decontamination" phase: through specific machinery and tools, there is a removal action of all the polluting agents present on the bodywork (those that have not been eliminated by washing) often not visible to the human eye, thus to ensure total and complete cleaning of the external surfaces of the vehicle.


After a careful analysis of each part of the bodywork, all defects present are carried out by polishing by hand or with professional machinery, to give new life to the bodywork and enhance the beauty of the car.


All the processes carried out, especially that of polishing, can last over time only thanks to the use of specific products (such as sealants and precerants) that promote the maintenance of the brilliance obtained and defend the bodywork from polluting agents and UV rays. In this way, subsequent polishing will be easier and faster to perform.

Detailing is a real art, capable of enhancing the details, finishes, chrome, colors of your car and restoring its beauty.


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