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For over 30 years MTM Hydro has been on the national and international market as a reference leader in the Car Wash sector.

Design and production of Components and Accessories for High Pressure Washers and Car Wash are its strong points, with the product line called High Pressure Technology and with the Car Wash Equipment line, which consists of a complete range of complementary machines for Car Wash and Service stations such as vacuum cleaners, mat washers, tire inflators, roll product dispensers and much more.

High Pressure Technology designs and develops components and accessories for working with high pressure water. Water guns, nozzles, extensions, lances, brushes, attachments, filters, and a complete catalog of accessories for all high pressure applications in every field of work. Technology that exploits the power of water by combining three factors (pressure, flow rate and temperature) to create a powerful, precise jet with adjustable and directional flow

All products, accessories and components are divided into 3 specific use lines: thanks to this subdivision, through special icons positioned in the product sheets, the Customer has the possibility to orient himself in a quick and targeted way to identify the most suitable item for the its application.

The 3 product lines are:

  • Stainleess Steel Line it identifies the products designed for a heavier use and made of stainless steel.
  • Food Line it identifies the products made of AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel and other materials certified for food applications.
  • Car Wash Line it identifies the products made purposely for car washes.

The Machines, Components and Accessories for Car Washes are instead part of the Car Wash Equipment line, which includes all the professional equipment designed and produced for car washes and service stations.

The entire Mtm Hydro production takes place in Cherasco, in the province of Cuneo, within the Group's factories: mold making, plastic molding, turning, sheet metal processing with laser and computerized punching machines, robotic welding, painting and production of the cards electronic. Even the final assembly phase and all the strict quality controls on the finished product guarantee high standards and compliance with safety standards according to the most recent international provisions.

Thanks to the commitment and attention to detail and the high quality standards demonstrated, the international organization DNV GL has for years recognized MTM Hydro as complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management.

Each product is designed in an innovative way and made with superior quality components, this to guarantee always excellent working results. To maintain these high standards, MTM Hydro constantly invests in research and development and is always attentive to all the news of the world market and new technologies, so as to offer its customers the best results.

MTM HYDRO stands not only as a simple supplier, but as a real ideal partner, capable of satisfying every request and responding to every type of requirement. Professionalism, experience, quality and excellence make MTM Hydro one of the most important industrial companies at national and international level in the field of Components and Accessories for High Pressure Washers and Car Washes and in the design, development and construction of Self Service machines for Car Wash.


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