The column for low pressure washing of bicycles

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BKW: the multifunctional column for thorough cleaning of bicycles of all types developed by MTM HYDRO

MTM Hydro is the world's leading Italian company in the design and production of components and accessories for pressure washers and car washes, with a vast range of products that are part of the High Pressure Technology line.

At the same time, MTM HYDRO is specialized in the conception, development and realization of Self Service machines for Car Wash.

These machines, including Vacuum Cleaners, Centralized Vacuum Systems, Carpet Washers, Distributors and Dispensers and Interior Washers are part of the Company's second line, Car Wash Equipment.

Car Wash, but not only: recently our company has in fact designed and produced a new professional column dedicated to the professional washing of bicycles.

It's called BKW and represents the ideal alternative to high-pressure washing, which is harmful to seals and bearings.

The Bike Wash is designed for low pressure washing of any type of bicycle: complete cleaning even in the smallest details without the risk of damaging the bike and with particular attention to the sensitive parts (brakes, headset, suspension linkages) of a Mtb and e-MTB.

Thanks to the pressurized water jet that comes out of the gun, it is possible to effectively remove surface dirt and begin to dissolve and soften more persistent dirt, without however being aggressive in any way.

The characteristics of the BKW column

The professional bicycle washing station has:

  • gun with nozzle for dispensing low pressure water
  • gun with brush for dispensing water+detergent at low pressure
  • drying system with air blowing
  • universal "bike holder" arm so as to adapt to any type of bicycle and model
  • 12m water hose reel with stop and automatic rewinding
  • Cycle time and adjustable detergent dosing pump
  • Vandal-proof two-point lock
  • UV resistant ABS shell
  • Integrated electrical panel and coin mechanism with easy access and easily removable rear door for maintenance operations

Furthermore, the BKW is equipped with 4 programs, which include: low pressure water jet, foam brush, air jet and compressor with pressure gauge.

This is used to check tire pressure.

Finally, it is equipped with the STOP key which, in the event of a malfunction or problem, stops all operations immediately.

The MTM Hydro Bike Wash column is the ideal plus for Car Wash and Self Car Wash activities: an excellent service to offer to customers who want to clean up their bikes before doing maintenance or returning home or in their free time.


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