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Mtm Hydro column car parfume: sprays fragrances that neutralize the bad smells that form in the vehicle.

The universal column for the dispensing of car perfume SD1 PARFUME designed and produced by Mtm Hydro offers four different fragrances to choose from with a single dispensing gun and 1 single delivery tube.

All four fragrances totally neutralize the bad smells that stagnate in the passenger compartment and the fragrances have been chosen among those most loved and used by drivers, so as to be able to satisfy as many customers as possible. In addition, the innovative Mtm Hydro technology ensures that the chosen fragrance does not mix with the previous one selected for optimal and effective use.

The electronic coin acceptor, which accepts both tokens and coins, is quick and easy to program according to requirements, exactly as for the operating commands.

The SD1 Parfume perfume dispenser column has reinforced Modular Frame. Vandal-Proof Doors and Locks. Lockable Token/Coin Compartment. Programmable Cycle-Time. Manual Start on Demand. Abs Cover, Resistant to UV Rays. Lateral and Rear Cover Panels easy to Remove for Maintenance Operations. Easy Access Integrated Control Board.

The SD1 perfume dispenser column is part of Mtm Hydro's Car Wash Equipment line that designs and manufactures professional machines and accessories for Car Washes


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