PWB, the innovative pedal bin for Car Wash

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The new Professional PWB pedal waste bin is part of the Mtm Hydro Car Wash Equipment line

MTM HYDRO is specialized in the development and production of machines, components and accessories for professional Car Wash.

The company has an offer of over 12 ranges of 100% Made in Italy products designed with advanced technology and innovative design for car washes and service stations.

These are certified products, made with commitment and attention to detail and high standards of quality and safety.

Thanks to this, the international body DNV GL has for years recognized MTM HYDRO as compliant with the requirements of Quality Management ISO 9001.

Presence in over 50 countries worldwide places the Company as a reference leader on the national and international market.

The new Professional PWB pedal bin is part of the Car Wash Equipment line.

PWB is a professional Car Wash machine designed with a new design and new structure in AISI 304 stainless steel, it has an innovative pedal operated opening with cushioned system.

Developed to avoid throwing large waste inside, PWB has an opening size of 17X18 cm and a total capacity of 70 L, to be used with a 90 L bag.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a sliding drawer for extracting waste bags, a front door with anti-vandal closure and stickers to identify the type of waste.

The PWB waste bin guarantees maximum sustainability at every car wash

The new PWB pedal bin by MTM HYDRO ensures maximum waste differentiation and the highest possible recycling level. Therefore, it favors the process of transforming waste into new materials different from the original ones.

This makes it possible to reduce the dispersion of toxic waste in the environment and gas emissions harmful to human health and the Earth, for greater sustainability.

Furthermore, the removable container and the silent opening of the lid which takes place via the non-slip pedal mechanism, allows you to dispose of waste separately and without having to touch it with your hands, for greater safety and hygiene .

The advantages of choosing the PWB pedal bin for Car Wash:


Car Wash PWB Pedal Bin Features:

  • Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Opening by pedal with cushioned system < /span>
  • Waste thrower opening measuring 17X18 cm
  • Sliding drawer for waste bag extraction
  • Capacity 70 l
  • Front door with anti-vandal lock
  • Stickers supplied to identify the type of waste
  • Recommended bag 90 l < /span>



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