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Mtm Hydro designs and manufactures a complete range of Professional Wash Guns that are part of the High Pressure Technology line

MTM Hydro for over 30 years has been on the national and international market as a reference leader in the design and production of Components and Accessories for Pressure Washers and Car Washes in the line called High Pressure Technology , in a Technology that exploits the power of water through the combination of three factors ( pressure, flow rate and temperature) to create a powerful, precise jet with adjustable and adjustable flow rate.

The strong point of Mtm Hydro are the professional Wash Guns , ideal for industrial, craft or domestic use: comfortable and practical thanks to the easy-to-use ergonomic handle and the very resistant plastic shell, they are produced with high quality materials to guarantee strength and durability.

The Mtm Hydro professional Wash Guns is divided into 5 product sub-categories: standard wash guns, Weep Wash guns, Open Wash guns, High flow wash guns and Wash guns with quick couplings Two other product lines, the Pressure compensated wash guns and the Wash guns with pressure regulator are currently being processed at the company plant in Cherasco, in Piedmont.

Mtm Hydro Professional Wash Guns are divided into 3 lines , according to their specific application fields: Stainleess Steel Line that identifies the products designed for a heavier use and made of stainless steel, Food Line that identifies the products made of AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel and other materials certified for food applications and Car Wash Line that identifies the products made purposely for car washes.

Each Wash Guns is produced with innovative materials and designed and built to meet multiple needs: industry, construction, agriculture, machinery and much more.


The Standard Wash Guns are produced with high quality materials such as Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Brass and Zinc Plated Steel, which ensure a long life. They have a sturdy and durable plastic shell, an easy-to-use ergonomic handle and are ideal for industrial, craft and home use. Among the Standard hydro-stamps it is possible to find the SG25 Chlorine Wash Gun, designed for use with chemicals such as chlorine for everything from basic pressure washing tasks to extreme cleaning applications.


Weep Wash Guns are divided into Permanent Weep Wash Guns, that avoids freezing of pipe by flushing part of the flow when the trigger is released and Low Pressure Weep Wash Guns, that when the hose is not under pressure, part of the flow is discharged avoiding icing in the pipe, while during working condition, when the hose is put under pressure, it behaves like a normal spray gun.


Open Wash Guns have a sturdy and durable plastic shell and black color.


The High Flow Wash Guns are designed for industrial cleaning operations in factories, buildings, agribusiness, equipment, machines and more. According to the pressure you exert on the trigger to adjust the power, you can vary from a wide spray to a powerfull concentrated jet


The Wash Guns with quick couplings are designed with a ball attachment, made of stainless steel, nickel-plated brass and brass and are ideal for industrial, craft and domestic use. The flagship product is the SG31 hydropistola for FC10 floor washers.


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