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The Complete Range of Professional Brushes MTM Hydro that are part of the High Pressure Technology line

Mtm Hydro has always supported its customers in all professional washing operations. To do it better, develop and produce a wide range of High Pressure Technology accessories, including professional brushes.

The Mtm Hydro professional brushes are perfect for washing and cleaning delicate surfaces, such as the bodywork of cars and motor vehicles or glazing, and thus prove to be the ideal partner for Sel Service Car Washes and car washes.

They are divided into fixed wash brushes (with soft bristles, suitable for every surface) and rotating wash brushes (ideal for gently washing any smooth surface). Both operate with high pressure washers, which work in low pressure conditions

The complete range of Fixed Wash Brushes

The Mtm Hydro Professional Fixed Brushes have natural bristles or mixed bristles of 40, 60 or 90 cm length. The product is completed by the Professional Foam Thickener Injector for Wash Brushes that has a stainless steel body (AISI 303).

The complete range of Rotating Wash Brushes

Mtm Hydro Professional Rotating Brushes have white Nylon bristles or Horsehair Bristles, both 40 cm long.


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