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The Complete Range of Self Vacuum Professional MTM Hydro that are part of the Car Wash Equipment line

Mtm Hydro designing and developing a complete range of Machines, Components and Accessories for Car Wash and Self-service Car Washes

The wide range of models is divided into: Single Self Vacuum and Double Self Vacuum

The STAINLESS STEEL used in the construction of our machines is of the type AISI 304 with low carbon content. The main advantages of this material for our applications are:
• High level of resistance to extreme weather and corrosion
• Ease of cleaning and maintenance and excellent hygiene properties

The TURBINE guarantees a high level of reliability and durability over time as well as low-noise functioning, lack of vibrations and last but not least is completely maintenance-free.

The TWO STAGES MOTOR with BYPASS COOLING sucks and expels the air in two times creating a "greater vacuum" and therefore a more powerful suction

The ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT BOARD, supplied with an electronic timer, manages one or more functions at prefixed intervals, and is easily adjustable according to the client’s needs.

The ELECTRONIC TOKEN AND COIN-OP mechanism, supplied as standard equipment, combines extraordinary versatility with extreme programming flexibility.

In the construction of our machines, we use universal plastic TUBES, NOZZLES AND JOINTS, easily available in the spare parts supply market.

Our electromechanical AUTOMATIC FILTER CLEANING mechanism, cleans the filter after every vacuum cycle thereby facilitating the elimination of fine dust from the cartridge filter,and maintaining a high vacuum efficiency and reducing maintenance at the same time

All our Professional Self Vacuum have a range of supplied accessories supplied with the machine and a wide range of accessories on demand that can be requested at any time.


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