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AC2 BLOW PLUS Double Self Vacuum Professional Mtm Hydro for Car Wash line.

Mtm Hydro designs and manufactures a complete range of self-service machines for Car Wash and Service Stations, such as Vacuum Cleaners, Centralized Suction Systems, Mat Washers, Distributors and Dispensers, Interior Washers for Cars and many other professional equipment.

Among these, great attention has always been dedicated to professional vacuum cleaners, indispensable tools for every Car Wash.

Today we present the AC2 BLOW PLUS Double Self Vacuum Professional


Vandal-Proof Doors and Locks. Programmable Cycle time. Manual Start on Demand. Abs Cover, Resistant to UV Rays. Integrated Electronic Control Board. 2 Configurations for Vacuum Hose Outlet: left and right. Front and Rear cover panels easy to remove for maintenance operations. New Stainless Steel Bins. Air Blowing and Spray Kit included. Does not require a compressed air connection.


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