CWE Connect: the intelligent remote control of MTM HYDRO

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CWE Connect is a smart device that allows you to check parameters of operation, levels, revenues, etc... of all MTM HYDRO machines present on the yard.

The control is done using a viewer only , which can be installed in the technical room or in another room of the plant.

In this way you can optimize intervention times on the machines by focusing only on those that need assistance for emptying the vacuum bin, lack of products, removal of collections, etc..

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The system it can also be remotely connected and displayed on PC, tablet or Smartphone.

CWE Connect , for security reasons, does not actively interact with machines, but performs the function of viewer. On the screen they are displayed with an image all the cars that are on the square, to keep completely under control:

1. all various cycles that performed the machines
2. how much i distributors collected in real time or in the interval to be compared for statistical purposes
3. i vari product levels of the different programmes, etc.
4. the time of work

This guarantees the manager of the Car Wash or Car Wash to be able to act quickly, without intervening “blindly” on all machines.

The device allows the choice between a count since system installation start or last reset, depending on how the manager likes to have the yard activity under control.

Also, if a cashless system, it is possible to view how much credit has been deducted from the various keys or cards, to get an indication of how many loyal and occasional customers there are.

Anything it can also be displayed when operating remotely, connecting to an external server with username and password. A very useful function for those who have more plants to visit or monitor, such as oil companies, network operators, or car wash network owners.

The software of remote connection management also allows access to a stats section where you can consult all the recorded data (receipts, alarm signals, etc.). As a result, he will be able to effectively manage them to optimize his business.

Also, can send via Email any alarm messages, then reach the person in charge wherever he is and at any time.

MTM HYDRO developed this smart viewer for facilitate Car Wash management that have multiple machines spread across the plant, as well as multiple washes.

Also, for those wishing to use it for single machine, our Company is also ready to satisfy this request.

CWE Connect can be implemented on the basis of the functions and programs installed on the MTM Hydro machines and can be set to multiple languages.

It is possible revamp our previous ranges, as long as they were produced after 2016.

Comes < /span>internally programmed preparing the order or, if added to existing equipment, via intervention directly on the square.

With incentives of the 'Transition 4.0' (20% tax credit until December 31, 2023, ed) the CWE Connect system is entirely funded by tax credit which matures with the purchase of the vacuum cleaners.


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